Saturday, December 19, 2009

Issue 1

This is "Blood By Request".

What is this sh*t?

1. A Sandbox :
This is where I play, share and meet new friends like little kids do when they are on their sandboxes.
This is where I do what I want with the hope of getting a reaction (pathetic, eh?) whether good or bad.
I don't care. I'll play. Play with me if you want.
Be warned, this will be pretty cut-throat.
If you want blood, you've come to the right place.

2. An Outlet :
I wish having a physical outlet doesn't have consequences. It has, so, this should suffice.
Besides I'm only violent in mind.
Because I'm initially a coward.
You know that heavy feeling in your chest at night when you want to express something but you can't?
You know having ideas bursting at the seams can hurt without an outlet.

3. A Therapy :

I have to keep myself sane. And I hope I can keep you sane, too.
But this is BBR. Things'll get crazy.

We'll see.